Doykeit zine— all four!


  • Image of Doykeit zine— all four!
  • Image of Doykeit zine— all four!

Doykeit is a submissions-based zine that speaks to the cross-sections of Jewish and queer identification, and how this may inform anti-Zionist or Palestinian-solidarity politics. The concept of “doykeit”–Yiddish for “hereness”–is taken from the pre-World War II Polish-Jewish group The Bund, who believed that Jews have both a right and a political commitment to live and work for change in the “here and now”.

For issue four, the theme is Mir veln zey iberlebn— “We will outlive them”: haunting ancestors, prophetic dreaming, and the world we want to see. For this issue, we are asking for new ritual, new messiahs, new things to believe in. We are asking you to grapple with nostalgia but move into the future, to face our dybbuks but strive boldly forward. It feels like the end of the world but every ending is a beginning.

Continuing in the vein of previous issues, we are asking for writing and art that contends with practical and creative approaches to decolonization (of land, bodies, minds, language etc.), solidarity, (no) borders, anti-nationalism, being in place beyond and against settler colonialism and gentrification, contending with displacement and dispossession, utopian visions, the
relationship between decolonizing Jewishness and
decolonizing Palestine, envisioning the world we want
to see...

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