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dedicated to all my femmes of all genders with complicated relationships to capitalism trying to survive and lifting others up, to my money witches and freelancers and sex workers and hustlers of all stripes. Here's to figuring out how to dump the bosses off our backs in a real boss way and in the meantime figuring out how to get everybody paid. #getthatcash #dirtymoney #makeitrain #inktober2017 #doinmybest #fuckyoupayme #moneymakestheworldgoround #endcapitalism #boss #femmesruleeverythingaroundme #prismacolorpens #moleskine

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Read & Annotate
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Breathe Together
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'Mones Not Drones button
Image of Stonewall was an anti-police riot
Stonewall was an anti-police riot
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Sex work is work button
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The “Me” Generation buttons
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Braid pin
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Ace of Wands
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Wolf Shadow Enamel Pin
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Audre Lorde pin
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